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Coaching In Poker: What To Check Before Taking A Poker Coach?

When I first started playing poker, coaching was rare. To learn, players read books, watch videos of live events, discuss hand histories together …

Then, sites like Deucescracked or Bluefire Poker were born. These were coaching videos where good players advised on how to play through theory lessons or live sessions.

Very quickly, these sites began to offer real individualized coaching. Paid by the hour, the coach reviews the hands you have played and advises you on the optimal lines, gives you advice to work on your image at the table, to train alone, to use the right tools, to improve your ranges… In short, c he is a true mentor.

Is Coaching Helpful In Poker?

Yes and yes! In fact, many excellent poker players still have coaches or have had them in the past. The coach can by his level and experience make you cross a real milestone.

In addition, it can guide you on the good habits to have in order to be a good player. The price of a good coach is high, but you will quickly pay off the investment if it is good.

And this is where the difficulty arises! In poker coaches, you have both good and very bad. Some say they are coaches even though they don’t even beat the NL100 online.

Before choosing yours, be sure it’s the one for you!

The pedigree of the coach

Before thinking about the price charged, investigate to find out the level of the coach. Don’t just rely on what he says and look for evidence. Online you have sites that give you results on poker players.

For live tournaments, The Hendon Mob is the benchmark, while online, Sharkscope is pretty good for tournaments and SNGs.

Ask the coach questions beforehand or poll other people through poker forums or Facebook groups.

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